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Joseph Sold into Slavery

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Canaan to egypt

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Joseph's brothers conspiring to get rid of him
Scene 2: Joseph being thrown into a pit
Scene 3: Merchants on their way to Egypt purchase Joseph for 20 pieces of silver
Scene 4: Jacob mourning over Joseph's coat which has been dipped in goat's blood
Scene 5: Joseph arriving in Egypt
Scene 6: Potiphar, captain of the guard viewing Joseph

Lesson points:

Jacob sent his favorite son Joseph to Shechem to find out how his brothers were. When he arrived a local man pointed him toDothan where they were tending the flock. As Joseph approached, they made their plans to kill him. Reuben however came upwith a plan to throw him in a pit and let him die of natural causes so that they were not directly responsible for his death (secretlyhe was going to free Joseph later). Reubens plan was working, but while he was away Mideanite merchants on route to Egypt werespotted, and his brothers decided to make money from Joseph instead - they sold him for the price of a slave - 20 pieces of silver.(Spiritual application: One sin leads to another. The jealousy Joseph's brothers felt led to hatred which led to plans of murder anddeceit and greed). Joseph's coat was kept by his brothers who cruelly dipped it in goats blood and presented it to Jacob. In v20Jacob comes to the conclusion himself about a wild animal killing his son - the brothers let him assume this and don't deny it. Theyhadn't lied with their words, but in their silence they had lied in their hearts and would live with the guilt of their actions for thenext 20 years. (Spiritual application: The Bible teaches that we reap what we sow - remember that Jacob used a goat to deceive hisown father many years earlier - now his sons have used a goat to deceive him). Imagine how Joseph must have felt. He had lived asimple life as a shepherd boy, devoted to his father and sheltered by his love, now he was alone and confused, betrayed by hisolder brothers and torn away from the only country he knew. To arrive in Egypt, the most powerful land in the world at that timewith all its foreign customs, military might, breath-taking architecture and ungodly society would have been a great culture shockto this seventeen year old boy. All his hopes and dreams could easily be broken, but Joseph was not really on his own - God waswith him! He would need to rely completely on his Lord to face the challenges that lay ahead. At the slave market, Joseph was soldto the captain of Pharaoh's guard - Potiphar. Great trials and adventures lay ahead...!

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