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Why Gospel Tracts?

It's been said that nothing cost less, goes farther, lasts longer or present it better than a quality gospel tract. A quality tract such as 'GO' Evangelism gospel tract is to the point, relevant, arrests our attention, contains the gospel of Christ and takes us closer to saving faith. Powerful Gospel Tracts are indispensable! When you make tracts part of your spiritual repertoire, God will give you many opportunities to share. Regardless of your spiritual maturity or experience in sharing the gospel, a tract is an indispensable tool.

Why Use Gospel Tracts?

1) Gospel Tracts can get inside homes and stay there until read. You can't. 2) Gospel Tracts are willing to travel anywhere and willing to work overtime. 3) Gospel Tracts can be read many times over. 4) Gospel Tracts never lose their temper in presenting the gospel. 5) Gospel Tracts never get discouraged.